The 21st edition of the annual Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning (BeneLearn) will be organized in Ghent, in conjunction with a workshop on Predictive Modeling for the Life Sciences (PMLS). This joint event (flyer) takes place on the 24th and 25th of May 2012 at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. BeneLearn serves as a forum for researchers in machine learning, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, data mining and diverse application domains. Organised for nearly 22 years in a row, it has traditionally been an important opportunity for the dissemination of new ideas and for intensifying the collaboration between the different machine learning groups in Belgium and the Netherlands. To this end, it aims at bringing together promising young researchers in the course of their PhD and more established names.

In light of the increasing focus on applicability of scientific research, we include a day of workshops to showcase the use of predictive Modeling for the life sciences. The conference and its satellite workshop are organised by the KERMIT research group of the faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. In addition to theoretical and applied work in machine learning, we warmly welcome applications in areas like bioinformatics, medicine, systems biology, chemometrics, environmental sciences, agriculture, food sciences, etc. Click here for a more detailed description of the scope of BeneLearn 2012.

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Topic: Conference over | Posted on 26-05-2012

The twenty-first edition of BeneLearn is now in the past. We'd like to thank all participants, both those attending and those presenting, for making it a not only a scientifically interesting but also thoroughly enjoyable two days. See you next year!


Topic: Map of places of interest now online | Posted on 14-05-2012

Click here.


Topic: Conference proceedings now online | Posted on 14-05-2012

The proceedings are now available online!


Topic: Poster spotlight presentations: programme and guidelines | Posted on 7-05-2012

List of all posters available. Authors presenting a poster will have the opportunity to highlight their poster during the poster spotlight presentation session, guidelines can be found at the programme page.


Topic: Full programme available | Posted on 27-04-2012

The full programme is now available at the programme page.


Topic: Early bird registration | Posted on 27-04-2012

The early bird registration deadline is the 8th of May.


Topic: Deadline extension | Posted on 1-03-2012

The extended and final deadline for submission of abstracts and full papers is Monday March 12th. Please visit the submission page for further information.


KERMIT (acronym for Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Management by means of Intelligent Techniques) is an interdisciplinary team of (bio-)engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians, initiated by Bernard De Baets in 2000. It draws upon intelligent techniques resulting from the cross-fertilization between the fields of computational intelligence and operations research. The activities are organized in three highly interwoven research threads: knowledge-based modeling, predictive modeling and spatio-temporal modeling.

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BeneLearn & PMLS 2012 | 24-25 May 2012 | Gent